Who are we?

The Justice Studies Center of the Americas is an international agency established by resolution of the Organization of American States (OAS) General Assembly in 1999. The Center enjoys technical and operational autonomy, and its main objective is to promote criminal and civil justice system reform throughout the region.

JSCA is governed by its statutes and regulations, which were established and ratified by the Meetings of Ministers of Justice, Other Ministers, Prosecutors and Attorney Generals of the Americas (REMJA).

Its Board of Directors is comprised of seven individuals personally chosen by the OAS General Assembly through an open selection process. The Board members in turn appoint the Executive Director, who is responsible for the Center’s operations.

The Center has a multidisciplinary and diverse staff that is committed to its mission.

mission, objectives and strategic lines

To support the reform and modernization of the justice systems of the Americas.

• To support OAS member states through research, projects and technical material to achieve adequate modernization of their judicial systems.

• To develop, present and promote experiences in the judicial sphere that can be implemented, adapted and developed by the member states.

• To provide countries, officials and operators with the best technical information for the development of public policies in the justice sphere in the region that favor their democratic development and the rule of law.

  • •  Research and Evaluation
  • •  Training
  • •  Technical Assistance
  • •  Dissemination
  • •  Pilot Experiences

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