Virtual Courses are offered through our platform The main purpose is to give users access to innovative, ground-breaking content on justice in the region that they can use without traveling. JSCA can tailor its offerings to users’ schedules and offer evaluations and extra activities.  

These #Courses address a variety of topics related to both civil and criminal justice and focus on justice-related challenges such as judicial management, evidence, gender, collective processes, and pretrial detention. Each course lasts for 1.5 months and is offered twice each year. Our courses are designed for individuals with an interest in topics related to justice, especially attorneys, judges, prosecutors, and public defenders.

Dates: May 3-June 20 Duration: 6 weeks
a.- Civil Justice Reform
b.- Collective Processes
c.- Gender and Justice in Latin America

Dates: September 6- October 17 Duration: 6 weeks
a.- Expert Evidence in Oral Civil Proceedings
b.- Judicial Management and Case Management in Civil Justice
c.- Trial by Jury

Beginning in March 2021
With paid certification

These courses may be completed at any time this year completely free of charge.

If you wish to receive an electronic certificate of completion, email and submit the following information:

  • Full name
  • Course
  • Proof of undergraduate enrollment (where applicable)

The electronic certificate costs US$40, which must be paid electronically to our institution. The payment information will be sent via email once the request for certification is made.

The courses the offer this mode are:

1.- Drug Treatment Courts
2.- Pretrial Services
3.- Challenges to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Latin America
4.- Pretrial Detention in Latin America

Scholarships and Discounts

  • Undergraduate students: 50% scholarship (final price of US$20)
  • JSCA Virtual Course Alumni: 25% discount (final price of US$30)
  • Institutional discounts: Contact Ananías Reyes –